The weeping is unbearable -
But real for her I know,
And why should Fear be privileged
To occupy her soul?
There were so many happy days
Forgotten now - forever;
The times of joy and tenderness
These memories are severed.

No more the good sound logic
Iíve known for all my life -
No more the wise and chosen words
That canceled fear and strife;
The photographs of dearly loved
Now images of strangers -
Lifeís made up-side-down for her
By this dreaded re-arranger.

We count the minutes into hours
And finally to days.
How like this fiend to alter her-
Disguise her lovely ways.
Forgotten how to form the words
Or bring the words to phrases -
She bravely tries to carry on -
Hide the fears she daily faces.

All trials here are for our good -
But what is strengthened here?
Is it for her, for me, for You -
Whatís gone on now for years?
The smile I found so easily
And wore my whole life through
Is found less often...and I ask -
Will I pass this way too?

Joan Clifton Costner