It's almost time! Just hold your eyes
Upon that gorgeous cloud.
Could that be Him? Oh, let me see!
The trumpet will blow loud!

We've watched the gathering signs appear
Like harvest's golden grain.
Surely, one day more will bring
Jesus back, again!

I don't see how He waits. But then,
The Father, only, knows.
He must be at the starting line,
All set for signal, "Go!"

The devil's bands are fighting hard
(Each day we learn more news)
And men demand their evil ways,
Of their perverted views!

Fiery darts are flying high
And good men do the dance
To try to keep the banner there
And witness every chance!

Each day, another Christian goes
To join the heavenly host.
They are faithful to their Lord,
No matter from which coast.

Oh, see them, now! Get ready, friend!
He, soon, will break the sky
To take us home, to live with Him;
Where we will never die.

Just praise the Lamb, slain for us all
That we could be redeemed!
Eternally, we'll sing the song of
Ageless praise for Him!!!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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