When it's early, early mornin'
And the sun has just begun
To make it's journey cross the earth
An extra special one ~~
When the rabbits hunt the dew-drops
But the nightingale sings on
And you can't discern for certain
If it's night or early morn' ~~

That's the time to start the day right
While the world in slumber lays
With the precious words of Jesus
And your hands in honor raised;
That's the time to talk to Someone
Who has love beyond degree,
And ever single answer, yes
For every special need.

When it's early, early mornin'
It just seems to set the pace
When you've had a talk with Jesus
And you've given God His place.
Oh, the evenin' sun is lovely ~~
But the mornin' is the best
To pour out your heart in secret
And then leave to Heav'n the rest.

Joan Clifton Costner