Words on paper, casual times
(Friendship growing with each line);
Slowly, carefully, seeking truth ~
Deep, abiding, past our youth ...

Love that grows so carefully
On the wings of destiny;
Such was ours, a friendship rare,
Brought by e-mails through the air.

So, can love grow on such a breeze,
Through the clouds or through the trees?
It was love we shared together,
Love born in those e-mail letters.

Oh, what a joy discovering we
Shared faith in One great Trinity!
With that great truth within our breasts,
We shared His love in earnestness!

How I miss familiar notes
And those great familiar quotes;
Love of country and fellow men,
Pulling the folks together again.

Our hopes and prayers we shared with ease,
Our dreams and radiant memories.
It meant so much. I loved it so,
Never dreaming you would go.

My e-mailís missing one dear name
I wish that I could see again.
We spoke with ease of feelings true.
Sweet e-mail friend, I do miss you.

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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