"Casting all your care upon Him,
for He careth for you. "
1 Peter 5:7

Too wise to make an error,
Too just to do a wrong;
When darkness, here, surrounds me
Then, I list for Heavenís song.

For, the Giver of the rainbow,
The creator of the light,
Will not leave us, in our sorrow,
All alone in blackest night.

In Him, alone, is solace
And there is no darkness there.
He will reach out and enfold us
With His tender, loving, care.

So, when youíre bowed in sorrow
And your heart breaks right in two,
Remember that your Father shares
That grief along with you.

He will never, ever, leave us.
He will not forsake His own.
He will share your deepest burden,
Just as if it were His own.

So, dear friend, when thereís no comfort
To be had on earth, below,
Remember how God loves you
And His word will tell you so.

First, the storm, then, the rainbow ~
First, the darkness, then, the Light ~
First, the need of Divine comfort,
Then, His steady arm of might!

And, Iíve found, where eíer I wander,
Thereís no place beyond His care;
If I only bow and whisper
That sweet Name, in humble prayer!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

"The Eternal God is my refuge and underneath
are the everlasting arms."
Duet. 33:27

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