Fingerprints on my window
And the mirror in the hall -
Fingerprints on the door sill -
In a wipe I'd destroy them all.
But I stand with my heart all a yearnin'
For the sweet little fingers that laid
Precious prints on my door and window
And the price that for love must be paid.

There was placed in our arms such a bundle
Of the purest, most precious of gems....
Tiny girl with the sweet ways that were winning
And a dimple in her little chin;
Intuition said, "This will hurt you"....
Ah! But who could resist such a toy?
So we piled weeks and months in the background
Distracted - delirious - with joy!

...When they took her we counted the years up -
Only three - ('twould be never enough).
And we worried if she could make it
Or if she feel abandoned by us.
You can't explain things to babies
That you don't understand yourself -
And the pain in our hearts was a nightmare
That grew stronger and stronger in stealth.

It's been many a year...and such heartache!
True, death would easier be
Than the mem'ries that never leave us
Of that angel upon our knees...
And the fingerprints all....have vanished
Save the most endearing part -
....The fingerprints now and forever
In the depths of our broken hearts.

Joan Clifton Costner