Four Prayers For Malea

Lord of Light and Mercy and Love,
Look down in pity from Heaven above.
Pull from our hearts the impure, the deceit.
Grant us an audience at your feet.

Just for today in unselfishness, we
Beg You to intervene for Malea
Touch by Your power and Love divine
Heal so the Glory is purely Thine.

In Jesus Name,

I am not a warrior, Father,
but today I weep;
Hear our prayers and answer, Jesus
I know you can keep
Hurt and harm away from her-
Health and peace instead-
Angel wings to cover her
Within her wee, small bed.

Only a prayer -
And it could be yours
That will reach the great span
To eternity's shores
Just a small prayer to answer
Just a few words to Him
Have you said it?  He could make me
Well again.

Tiny little "Toddler" - two!
Ringlet hair and eyes of blue!
Special gift from God above -
Surround her now in Mercy's Love.

Precious child, for you we pray!