For Lesa, Kari, Brad and Rusty

Sometimes as we grow older

And our childish whims disappear,

We find that our greatest treasure

Has been with us for many a year;

In a sweet little man with chewing gum

Planted carefully in each pocket -

To delight his special little loves

As they diligently seek to unlock it.


Sometimes our heart aches within us

With a yearning so deep that it pains

To tell "someone" how we love them...

And then tell them over again...

For a love thatís so deeply embedded

Is so hard to put into words -

And as soon as your heart has spoken

You wonder if "someone" really heard.


Grandy, itís no use to try it -

Yet my heart cannot but seek

To give you the praise and the honor -

Respect, youíve earned...and I keep

A special place in the deepest

Most meaningful part of my heart

Just for you..and the things you have taught me;

None else can eíer have that part.


....I can see my heavenly Father...

(He looks amazingly like you -)

With the purest white robe - (full of pockets!)

And His eyes are twinkling too...

As He says, "Search me and try me -

I have many blessings for you!"

Heís just like my precious Grandy -

His ways just as faithful and true!


...But for could I understand Him?

Youíve given a picture so true

Of my Fatherís love and patience,

Of His bounteous blessings anew.

Most precious blessing of Heaven -

Sent by my Father above

Is my one and only "Grandy",

Who is full...of Godís kind of love!

Joan Clifton Costner