If I can, Iím going to Heaven.
Though, I cannot chart the course
And I care not if by deathís door
Or by fiery chariot horse.

For, I caught a glimpse of Jesus,
Of His glory and His grace,
And I want to go to Heaven.
For, I hear He lights the place.

In my wild imaginations,
I envision crystal seas ~
Golden streets, and shining rivers,
And a house built just for me.

But, the thing that makes my heart leap
Is the friends and loved ones there.
Most of all, I think of Jesus;
Looking on His face, so fair!

Now, some people think Iím funny
And some say that I am strange.
Some would sure go with me.
Some will wait and then arrange.

I pray they all will have the time
To meet my Jesus, too.
As for me, Iím going to Heaven.
Iíll be watching, friend, for you!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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