Home Forever

There has to be a Heaven
After all she suffered here -
There has to be a place where there
Is perfect health and cheer.
We wished so much to keep her
But we know that God is right.
And He took her home forever
Where there is no stormy night.

The Light of Heaven fills her
And His glory's all aound -
His peace is now her music
And she dances golden ground.
No, we won't deny her Heaven -
She deserves, brave heart, that prize -
But we can't hold back the feeling that
Bring tears into our eyes.

Upon a sea of brilliant green
With flowers all around,
Beside a quiet crystal sea
Where angel's laughter's found -
One day we'll see her once again,
One day we'll clasp her hand -
One day we'll wipe away the tears -
One day.....we'll understand.

Joan Clifton Costner