You are the summer dawn
after the turbulent night.
You are the one who keeps believing
when my heart is full of fright.

You are the anchor that
keeps my ship so sure.
You are the one who makes me
believe I can endure.

You sing the song, in harmony,
across the miles
And don't forget to send
a note that brings a smile.

When I would just give up
but venture notes to you,
You always have a word;
quite wise and timely, too.

You are a lamb, but still
a Shepherd for us all.
We'd be so lost and without
nourishment were you to fall.

We learned to love across
the miles a special way.
We sang an opera, playing
parts, day after day.

You may not know (God help that be)
the spot you hold within our hearts.
But you make Heaven wonderful
before it even starts.

I think we can stroll
together in eternity.
Even out upon the waters
of the Crystal Sea.

You may not know but,
shining here upon our Earth ~
One little girl who was
all God's since birth ...

Is shining still, always will.
Man may not see...
But God sees all and puts
the credit where it should be.

We'd never hold you when
you know His gentle voice.
We'd keep you always in this
place, were it our choice.

A life ~ a venture, far
beyond our wildest dreams,
And you were there all hours;
tying up the seams.

Oh, bless you well. I know,
whatever He tells you to do,
> You'll do it well and please
remember ... we pray for you!

You'll be surprised when you
stand there with empty hands,
To find your treasures
preceeded you ... to Gloryland!

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.
Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations Author.

For in that she hath poured
this ointment on my body,
she did it for my burial.
Matthew 26:12

For a testament is of force after men are dead:
otherwise it is of no strength at all
while the testator liveth.
Hebrews 9:17

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