Leaning on Grandpa

We leaned on you when we were small,
You seemed to hear our every call.
We leaned on you when we were older,
We always found a sure , strong shoulder.
We leaned on you as we rode along
On a camping trip - you were big and strong.
We grew accustomed to your strength ...
To the love with which our hearts were linked.

We never thought of losing you ...
Or knew how hard it would be to do;
We're still just little boys, you know ...
And to say good-bye just hurts us so!
When we looked at you, all dressed so grand,
Your hat beside your still, still hand,
We leaned against your satin bed ...
And listened hard as words  were said.

I think perhaps I'll always lean
To a mem'ry that is oh! ... so keen!
I leaned on your knee when you taught me to whittle;
I leaned on your arm when you told me a riddle;
I'll lean on your mem'ry ... there are thousands more
That I can  pull back from my hearts door.
One day I'll be grown with a boy just like me ...
And I'll remember ... how little boys ... need to lean.


    Joan Clifton Costner