Tribute To Glenn Vernon Costner


Sweet Baby Jesus

God's Christmas Gift

This Is Christmas Day

Your Lessons Come

It's Almost Time


Watch Closely

Grandmother's Note Pad

Email Friend


I'm Going To Heaven

No Measure

Our Father's Empathy

Portals Of Heaven

When I Came Home


My Thanks

I Give Thee Thanks

For This I Give Thee Thanks

Dear Daddy

UnFathers Day


All About Family


Blessed Hope

Poems That Tell a Story

All About America

Tributes From The Heart

Growing Old


Awards One


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The Hallelujah Goji Berry

Christian artist, Gary Matthews, has produced a CD featuring
 8 of your favorite authors. "The World's Greatest Poets" is
on sale at CD Baby and includes "Portals of Heaven"
one of Joan's poems.

Also another CD just went on sale at CD Baby which
also features her poem. This last one is called
 "Dancing In the Spirit". Gary Matthews is winner
of a Dove award.

"When Easter Dawns"
The multi-talented Joan Clifton Costner
is a published author, poet, and
song writer, a recorded singer,
a professional photographer,
and much more.

If you enjoy her writings,
you will love her e-book!
A 76 page poetry e-book, available on CD or
download in PDF format.

To order, contact
Joan Clifton Costner, 
 Rt. 1, Box 180,
Guymon, Oklahoma 73942. 

  Tel # 580-338-6003.

Joan now has a new book she can send to you!  Please call
or write or email Joan for information. About 16 poems,
each page in full color.







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