Remember Me

Could you just maybe take the time
To say my name in prayer?
And ask all those around you.
"Would you her buden share?"
For the doctors say that shortly
I'll be living up above ~~
Though I'm quite too small to understand
The 'Land of Total Love' ~~
And I seem to hear a whisper:
"Faith will answer fervent prayer ..."
God, my Father, is just waiting
For arrival over there
Of an old gray headed grandma or
A vibrant, brilliant man ...
Perhaps a bearded grandpa or
A tender child of ten who
Will be the author of the prayer
That gives me health again.
I know God let them whip poor Jesus
Just for healings such as these ~~
And they come when true believers
Call His name on bended knees.
So ... would you take the moment
Just to call my name in prayer?
For it could be yours He'll answer
When He hears it over there.

by Joan Clifton Costner