I Hafta Go

I'm sorry that I hafta go ~~
And I thank you for your prayers
But my Father who lives up above ~~
He needed me up there ~~
And though you were so very sweet
I know you'll understand
That hosts of little angels wait
For me in Gloryland.

I can't see a rain drop
Or a cloud up in the sky ~~
I can run and jump and play
Without a pain or sigh.
I hope that I accomplished what
Father God sent me to do ~~
I hope you realize I'm His
And was only loaned to you.

I can't come back again, you know,
But you can come to me ~~
And your treasure up in heaven
Is a girl that's almost three.
So, please, remember all the times
That filled us all with glee.
Make your way sure to heaven
And come and live with me.

by Joan Clifton Costner