A Tribute to Malea

Jan. 8, 1989 - Dec. 9, 1991

The Poetry of Joan Clifton Costner

Malea's Story

Malea's mother married my great nephew when Malea was two years old. During the wedding I snapped a picture of her sitting on her grandpa's lap. The picture was taken in black and white. During the next year Malea was diagnosed with tumor in the brain.

There was nothing to be done..."Take her home and make her as comfortable as possible".

Working through this illness involved a lot of people. I wrote a poem pleading for people to pray for her...later, the picture taken at the wedding was enhanced and reproduced with prayers on the back...distributed for our community to help financially or prayerfully.

Eight years later I was taking a sitting for strangers to me. They saw Malea's picture hanging in my studio. The mother exclaimed, "Where did you get that picture? My husband carries that picture in his billfold!"

"Is it small...like a billfold size?"

Yes, it was...the picture had so touched this man that he had carried it all those years.

That, in turn, touched me.

Here are the prayers and the poems for Malea......

Four Prayers For Malea

Remember Me

I Hafta Go

Home Forever