Portals of Heaven, Portals of Grace;
Portals beyond which Iíll see His face!
Portals, the doorway to Life evermore.
Portals, the entry to Eternityís shore!

I see the Pearly gates in my mind.
I wonít even think of what Iíve left behind.
Jesus will be there, arms open wide;
Gathering jewels to the other side.

I see the angels. I see their eyes
Watching, intently, for Jesusí great prize;
The life that He laid down, paid for all sin ~
Gladly rejoicing as I enter in.

Oh, all the loved ones, gone on before;
See how they run to His open door!
Oh, what rejoicing, singing His name,
Land of the Sonlight; always the same!

Never a dull day, never a tear;
Never a lonely soul will be there!
No wreath of sorrow will hang on a door;
Jesus, our Savior, safe on His shore!

While I am waiting down here, below,
Iíll let my heartís cup, with love, overflow!
Iíll dream the dream that He died to share;
Holding my breath and watching the air!

Soon, through the Eastern sky He will break,
Just like He promised; loved ones to take!
Unfolding the pages of Life throughout time,
Precious Redeemer; I call Him mine!

Basking in Sonlight, all of our days;
How could we ever sing worthy praise?
All that He asks is to love Him, so true.
Love comes so easy. Now, how about you?

Will you let Jesus pardon, today,
All of the sin load youíve packed away?
His blood is still flowing, so strong and so pure.
Oh, come to Jesus and Heaven is sure!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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