~A Song~

Sweet Baby Jesus, You lay nestled in my arms.
And for now, it doesn't matter that we're hearing stable sounds.
For, wonder overwhelms me. Though, I know it's really true
That God, in His great mercy, sent us You.

Sweet Baby Jesus, You've left Your home above;
Come to visit us from Heaven to fill our hearts with Love.
It's easy, as I hold You and sweet joy o'er flows my cup,
To imagine how the world will lift You up!

Sweet Little Jesus, how will You relate to man?
For, You now have his weaknesses, according to God's plan.
I've seen greed and jealousy in action, here, in man.
Oh, Jesus! Overcome it, if You can.

Precious Little Savior, I can see You through the years ...
As You walk among God's children, comforting their doubts and fears.
I know that they will love You and accept Your gift of love,
As You'll prepare their hearts for fellowship above.

Oh, the world needs you and no one else will do.
For, no one else can fill the longing in each heart.
God in human form; great and deep and warm
Perfect love and grace to us imparts.

Sweet loving Jesus, is that You upon Your knees ...
With great drops of perspiration, all alone in Gethsemane?
Won't you please call back those angels that sang at Your birth,
Let them bear You back to Heaven, from this earth?

Sweet Savior Jesus, is that You upon that tree ...
Covered, so completely, with the sins of humanity?
I can hardly recognize You. You've been purity and truth
Since that night You lay beneath the stable roof.

Still, the world needs you. No one else will do.
For, no one else can fill the longing in each heart;
Love personified, great and deep and wide.
'Twas for all the world, Our Savior Died!

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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