Somewhere among my treasures

A tiny bootie lies -

A shoe-lace bell and other things

Echo a babyís cry.

Papers of colored numbers

With "S" and a "smiling face"-

Report cards - yellow now with age -

My young sonís brilliance trace.


...I wonder what my Father keeps

In Heaven up above,

That says to Him something I did

To fill His heart with love?

Will He have any treasures

Of this, His earthly child?

Or will my spot be empty

No "treasure spot" allowed.


Oh, God! Not empty handed!

Donít let me face You thus!

Just once each day show me the way

To keep Your love and trust!

A spoken word, a smile, a deed,

In Your sweet name to render -

To grace the crown Iíll give to You

When I reach Heavenís splendor!

Joan Clifton Costner