Until we have a burden for
Someone elseís soul,
A heart that breaks within us
For the hope of healingís role ...

Until we shed the tears for friends
Whose heart's ache in despair,
I wonder if we know at all
The meaning of a prayer.

Until we hold the newborn babe,
We do not understand
The depth and breadth of this great love
Propagating man.

Until we nurture, hold, and teach;
The depth cannot be known.
Until we love with deepest love,
The Lord canít leave us alone.

But when weíve lived and struggled to
Understand Godís love,
When trials have paid off for us
And sent our words above ...

When we see, in the light of Love,
And understand His way;
He brings us to the River and
The sunset of the day.

Beyond this veil, beyond this space,
Beyond this flesh ~ this storm;
God has an everlasting world
We get to call our own.

Beyond these troubles, ease will come,
When all things correspond
And live, in tranquil unity,
As one ~ with God!

Joan Clifton Costner
2005  Copyrighted. All rights reserved.
Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations Author.

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