Id like to turn the 'golden leaves of time' back, just awhile,

And see the sparkle in your eyes; once again, that fetching smile.

Id like to hear the lilting voice, the laughter and the song.

I think Id watch and listen ... all day long.

The years have changed my Valentine, the color of her hair.

The years have touched the tender skin, once so light and fair.

But deep within the heart of hearts, loves still abiding strong.

Some things are still resilient ... all life long.

And theres a Love weve shared together, each day of our lives.

It seems to be so timeless and to our glad surprise.

While muscles, in our tired old frames, are weakened by the years,

Gods love only grows stronger through the trials and the tears.

Oh, Love that will not, cannot, let us go a mile alone,

Stay by us while Your Valentines walk that last mile home;

Faithful, true, and beautiful with wonderful surprise ~

A Valentine of Love that leads us ever upward to the skies!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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